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Motionless In White is a sextet from Scranton, Pennsylvania. They were formed in 2005 and began their career performing popular rock cover songs. By the time 2006 rolled around, they became known for creating unique melodic tracks by bringing heavy and dark sounds together, officially establishing themselves in the music world.They’ve caught the eyes of many throughout their career, including Alternative Press, who featured them in their “100 Bands You Need To Know” article in 2009. Two EP’s later, and after finally signing to Fearless Records, Motionless In White has finally unleashed their debut album ‘Creatures’ as of October last year.

These guys are not an extremely well known band, however, I believe that one day they will get more of the recognition that they deserve. If you haven’t heard of Motionless in White, I suggest you give their music a try if you enjoy Marilyn Manson, The Misfits, Bleeding Through & Eighteen Visions. They are like a hidden treasure; once you discover their music, you’re hooked

The Interview:

LiL: You released ‘Creatures’ back in October, how has the fans’ reaction been to the album so far?

MIW: So far, everything has been awesome and definitely a lot better than I ever expected. I kind of felt like once we had a full length out, people would start taking our band seriously and we would gain a lot of new fans but I didn’t such a big reaction so fast and that’s been really awesome.

LiL: From when you first started, how would you say that you’ve grown as a band and as individuals?

MIW: I think we’ve all matured musically for sure. Our older material was a lot more childish, I guess I would say? Not that we didn’t like it at the time, but when I listen to it now, I see how much we are finally doing what we wished we could accomplish back when we were younger. We’ve grown up and into a new skin.

LiL: In your opinion, what makes Motionless In White different from other bands out there today?

MIW: We are the only band I know of that combines so many different genres of music into one band to create our own sound. The world has already heard and seen every conceivable type of music that there could be, so coming up with a new sound is nearly impossible. What I think we’ve done is take a lot of things that were really innovative on their own and brought them all into one band to create a new sound but nothing that isn’t completely foreign to the listener.

LiL: What are your plans for after this tour?

MIW: After this tour we are going out with a band called For Today and then we have some pretty big summer plans that I can’t really mention at this moment…

LiL: Do you have any fun tour stories?

MIW: Hahahah oh boy yes I do.  This isn’t exactly fun, but the most recent and annoying story is that we were denied access to Canada because some of our guys have DUI’s. It sucks but to try to make a bad situation funny… on our way back to the USA, when they told us we had to leave the Canadian border, We put a dildo right out in the open and then when security searched our RV, they definitely noticed it and started laughing. That was hilarious since they try their hardest to come off like hardasses.

LiL: What was the craziest fan encounter you’ve ever had?

MIW: Probably on this tour. I was going down to the barrier to get up close to the fans and sing in their faces and whatnot, and when I went into the crowd, this girl seriously grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in. She would NOT let go. She was like deathgripping me and the security guard couldn’t even pull me out. I thought she was trying to pull me in and was going to start feeding on me like a zombie. It made me question what it is exactly that kids are hoping to accomplish when they pull the band members into the crowd… Like what is the end result that they’re hoping for?

LiL: Do you find that people judge you by the way you dress before even listening to your music? If so, what’s one thing that you would like to say to all of them?

MIW: Open your mind before your mouth. Yes, we get judged on every other aspect than our music. I guess the joke is on them because then when they see us live and we kick their asses with our show, they come up to us and admit that they never gave us a chance and then seeing us live made them a fan. It really sucks that if we looked like every other band these days we might be huge… but I would never let myself sink to that level. We are who we are and I don’t give a fuck what people have to say.

LiL: What message would you like your fans to take from your music?

MIW: That they shouldn’t give a fuck about anything anyone has to say about you and concentrate on being happy with yourself. We stand up for the misfits and outcasts of the world because we ourselves were and still are misfits and outcasts. We want kids to know that they shouldn’t let anyone tell them they can’t be whoever they want to be.

LiL: Some Fan Questions!:
mmichellev asked: What is your favorite part about living in an RV while on tour?

MIW: Being able to have a place to sleep thats not on top of another member of the band, hahaha. In the van, sleeping was probably the hardest thing to do ever because there’s a lot of us and not enough room for everyone to lay down. We had to sit up and sleep against each other. Terrible.

lalaisdamned asked: What are your religious views, if you have any?

MIW: I don’t have any. Most people think that we are Satanists which isn’t true at all. Religion just not a part of my life.

bulletproofdisturbance asked: What is your biggest musical & writing inspiration?

MIW: The band Bleeding Through has always been my biggest inspiration. Every aspect of that band is perfect to me and what they have done for music is something that we want to help carry on. They didn’t care what the fuck anyone had to say and they didn’t conform to what everyone else was doing just to sell records. That’s exactly what I’m about.

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