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Santigold at Kool Haus – 05/15/12

Written by Kylee Winn-Thurrott and Photgraphs by Stephen McGill

Starting the night off with a boom was Brooklyn rapper, Theophis London. On stage with him were a DJ, guitarist and bass player, who all had a part in getting Toronto on their feet. It wasn’t until his new song, ‘Big Spender’ that you could tell he was the perfect hype man for the night. Trying out two stage dives, one failed, his songs had heavy beats that thumped through the crowd’s bodies. Throughout the set, London would check in with the audience, asking if Toronto was good. He went on to explain how he had been to the Kool Haus before for a rave once. Odd. You could barely see the man though, since he demanded only red lights. London gave us a heads up for Santigold’s “banging show and hope you’re ready for it”. He had lots of fans in the audience yelling out the lyrics to each song, mostly to his biggest hit, ‘Oops’, which features Lindsay Lohan in the music video.

Two girl dancers and a full band decked out in costumes took the stage as the lights dimmed. Sandtigold, formally known as Santogold walked out to center stage to screaming fans. Santi has recently been speaking out about how disappointing today’s music is, going as far as crying after watching award shows. Her vocals were very strong throughout the night, as she graced through old and new songs, with dance breaks. As she walked from one end of the stage to the other, someone threw up a CD, that I’m assuming was a demo, she picked it up, joked that it was her CD and passed it back stage. Two costume changes took place, along with props that included a life-size horse dancing, and not to mention booty-pops from the two lady dancers at each end of the stage. Santi giggled a lot, saying how good Toronto looked and picked fans to come up on stage with her during one number. At one point, she was in the audience, right in with the fans, giving the chance to sing along.

Overall, this show was nonstop entertainment. Having the band in costume, dancers, and strong vocals really pays off in the end

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