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July Talk at Sound Academy – December 3, 2013

Written by Kylee-Winn Thurrott 

July Talk opened for Frank Turner at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

Gracing the stage was one of the biggest bands to break from Toronto this year. Guitarist-singer Peter Dreimanis slapped his face while playing guitar, as co-singer Leah Fay used her microphone cord for a quick game of jump rope, it seemed July Talk were living up to their usual antics on stage.  The Sound Academy really fit them and they came off pretty relaxed.  You could tell that it wasn’t what most of the audience had signed up for that night though.  Dreimanis yelled out to the crowd asking they were alright more than once, incase they checked out during the performance.  In the end, July Talk came and put on a great show, just wasn’t maybe their scene.

Neil Van

Concert Photographer at Live in Limbo. Veggie running, musically inclined, photographer. The end.

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