This week on Capsule features our very first special guests. Sean hangs out with Sonia, Jordan and Lauren of The Box Tiger! They’re a really talented indie rock band from Toronto.

  • Sonia talks about the origins of The Box Tiger and how they came together
  • Discussing the process of creating songs for their album “Set Fire”
  • Opening for Kevin Devine, Metric and future collaborations
  • Thoughts on the Coachella 2014 lineup
  • Sonia and Jordan on meeting and “fangirl-ing” over Haim
  • The importance of social media in the music industry and how confusing Tumblr is
  • Discussing the rise of online music streaming
  • Being compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and on reading reviews of their own album
  • Sonia goes in-depth on the background of the track “Hospital Choir”

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