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Cody Simpson at Mod Club – January 16, 2014

When Justin Bieber first appeared, we knew it wouldn’t be long before similar artists hit the scene. However, Cody made his own mark. Australian singer Cody Simpson gained international success after his YouTube videos caught the attention of label executives in 2009.  Since then Cody went from hopeful internet sensation to teen pop idol. Last year he released his second album, Surfer Paradise which earned him a MTV Europe Award and created an EP that would help kick off his current tour, The Acoustic Sessions.

The Toronto’s Mod Club was full of highly emotional girls and extremely tired parents. Opening for Cody was good pal Plug in Stereo. But the mood in venue changed when Mr. Simpson got on stage to do his thing.  He dazzled the crowd with his music abilities while he performed fan favourites and covered his idols Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. Throughout the night, the fans got to know Cody better as he spoke about love, life and of course his career.

Overall it was an intimate affair for the Simpsonizers. Surely one they won’t forget. The night ended with the song that started it all, “iYiYi”

Thanks to Live Nation Ontario for media access.

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