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Clara Venice at GM Centre – February 3, 2014

Clara Venice solves Oshawa’s Love Riddle

The very polite Barenaked Ladies crowd at the GM Centre crowd was more than a little hush when Clara Venice, wearing short metallic coloured shorts, white fur boots, and a toque, scurried out to the microphone and more than nervously fiddled around until getting comfortable, she broke into songs from her newly released, four song EP and the song Love Riddle. The crowd quickly forgot about the nervousness and were taken back from the sounds Venice was creating with her array of instruments.

The very talented Venice plays many different instruments including electric guitar, violin, ukulele, glockenspiel, and the “only touch less music instrument, the theremin. She records her own electrical music symphony tracks and sings and plays the instruments live in a pop music genre. She is really interesting and comes up with very cool sounds, and sings a lot about love.

Venice does a great version of the Bruno Mars song Grenade, found on her website where you can see some of her other work and daily blogs. She really does a lot of interacting with her fans too.

The song Confetti is a simple love song with great use of the violin strings and theremin, creating an almost haunting background. You + Me is more upbeat than her previous song and has a great sound of a full band behind the solo artist. She really shows her mixing talent when incorporating her voice within the violin plucking.

After her final song Ninja, another song about love, the crowd was truly appreciative of this cute, bubbly, and musically talented woman. They seemed a little bummed her 15-minute set had ended so quickly and would like a little more. I’m sure we will be seeing more to come from Clara Venice. You can see her on the Barenaked Ladies current tour.

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