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Parade of Lights at Adelaide Hall, April 18, 2014

Photographs by Ray Williams.

Parade of Lights the alt-electro band from LA was the opening act of the night. They have the electronic grooves of M83 or The Naked and Famous with a head banging alt-rock beat. The small room was plenty hot and after one song lead singer Ryan Daly dropped his leather jacket and just a ripped sleeveless tee was left underneath. Sometimes an opening band is such a great fit for the main act that the fans that may not have heard of them are won over instantly. This was such a case where every X Ambassador fan understood what PoL was all about.

Daly was so happy to be on tour that he exclaimed “Who’s excited for X Ambassadors? Shit yeah, so are we!” Afterwards he managed to lose his only pick from being so pumped up, so bassist Randy Schulte gave him one in a moment that could have been more awkward than sweet.

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