Anthony Fantano is the creative genius of The Needle Drop. It is an influential YouTube channel, which over 1300 videos, 300,000 subscribers and get this, over 52.5 million views. He consistently pumps out entertaining album reviews and is an ongoing discussion and analysis of the music industry. We got to this point via 1) Fantano gives Swans a perfect score, 2) We Interview Gira, 3) Fantano vlogs about it 4) We interview Fantano here!

  • “On the technical side, you guys have your shit together.” says Anthony Fantano
  • We follow up on being a barista and “misguided accolades”
  • Being a nerd and living a healthy style
  • His musical upbringing and how he rates albums
  • The role of a music critic in the future: a curator

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