Slowdive is an English rock band from Reading. Formed by Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead. They amassed a huge loyal following between 1989 and 1995 until they disbanded. However, a curious spotlight was once again pointed on the band early in 2014. When a Twitter account was found that happened be followed by the members of the group. It turned out to be a reunion tour underway, and the music world online exploded with anticipation. We are thrilled that Rachel Goswell came to chat with us on the podcast.

  • On using Twitter and reuniting in 2014
  • What values they want to be represented in their legacy
  • Discussing future album possibilities. A Slowdive EDM or thrash metal record anyone?
  • talking about touring major festivals at loving Primavera Festival
  • How working with Brian Eno changed their writing process
  • Dealing with the term “shoegaze” and British press.
  • Seeing success with the North American tour. And having their last show pre-hiatus at Lee’s Palace in Toronto in 1994.

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