Well well. We somehow made it to our 50th episode. More surprisingly, people from all over the globe are still listening to each episode. Thank you. It’s no easy feat. Each episode of Capsule takes considerable amounts of time to research a topic or guest, tape the actual show and then edit the whole thing together. Mastering one of these tasks alone is enough. It’s when all three come together does some kind of audio magic happen. Thank you listener for making Capsule, a project, a director’s cut of Live in Limbo a thing. And we will continue to experiment, modify and make greatness. We have a lot more up our sleeves in the new year. 

In this special 50th episode, your beloved hosts Sean and Andreas talk about their favourite guests and moments of Capsule thus far. Sean discusses his passion for podcasting, how it started and plugs other shows he subscribes to.

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