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Marilyn Manson at Sound Academy

The Pale Emperor himself, Marilyn Manson sold out the Sound Academy in Toronto. Full of stage presence and charisma, Manson, now 20 years in the game, brought dark pleasure to his loyal fan base. 

Far from a vocally perfect set, but there is beauty in the imperfections of live gigs right? The industrial goth king kept on singing his classic hits like The Beautiful People, Deep Six and Disposable Teens. He also dove into songs off his new album which were also right in line with his style. While at times he struggled with vocals, his screams are now more immense and grand. 

The majority of fans held their phones high up in the air to grab a shot of Manson through the smoke and strobes. No one can blame them either. He just has that iconic look that everyone wants to post on their socials right? 

And the end of the day, Manson delivered a show that we have all come to know and love him by. 

Thanks to Live Nation Ontario for media access.

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