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Ariana Grande with Prince Royce at the Air Canada Centre

Ariana Grande brought the The Honeymoon Tour to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Sunday, August 9, 2015. This highly anticipated show literally started off with a bang.

She’s been all over the news recently. Ari got caught licking donuts of all things. Enter the meme “donutgate”. That California pastry store actually had its health code rating downgraded after the incident. Ariana eventually apologized and everything is restored back to normal. Fortunately this incident is now behind all us and the show can go on.

Opening the night was New York’s Prince Royce. While doing his best to put on a show that Usher would attempt, it was met with mixed reactions. The sea of young teenage girls and their parents didn’t really know how to react to his very provocative dance moves. 

Thousands of die-hard fans put on LED cat ears that lit up and synchronized with the music. Ariana Grande elevated from beneath the stage in a little black dress with her own set of black cat ears. Pyro immediately started firing off for her hit Bang Bang. The production team was trigger happy as fireworks went off during every chorus of the song. 

Remember, Ariana is just 22-years old. She’s been a TV darling already and has millions of fans from around the world. With multiple nominations and number 1 hit singles, this is her time to shine. 

This was nothing short of a big spectacle. The stage was extravagant and a handful of dancers jumped around the multiple levels. If anything, every move they made focused your attention back to Ariana. 

While many say she is your typical superficial teen pop star, Ariana definitely knows how to shine in her own right. Her vocals were strong enough to be heard over the thousands of screaming fans and she was fit enough to dance a 90-minute performance.  

Ariana continued to awe Toronto as she took to the skies. She got onto a mechanical cloud and was lifted high into the air and hovered over her adoring concert-goers. 

It should also be noted that Ariana surprised a very lucky group of her Toronto fans. A dozen Ari lovers waiting outside the hotel she was staying at. And the unexpected happened. She treated them all to tea and lunch.

There was multiple wardrobe changes throughout the night and for the most part everything was on point. This is not an easy thing to do. I can imagine how difficult to pull off all of those changes seamlessly.

She ended the night off with her biggest hit. The lights went dark, and script on the large video screen ran in the background a la Star Wars intro. “You’ll soil yourself from Intergalactic excitement” Mr. Speaker said. I’m sure a few fans did. Break Free is the track that really put her on the map. It was produced by EDM powerhouse Zedd. Doctor Who like space traveling visuals in the background dazzled everyone, while she confidently sung one of our top songs of last year. And Ariana had every heart in her hands for this one.

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