Sparks is a glam rock band formed in 1970. It is the creative genius of brothers Russel and Ron Mael in Los Angeles. Now they may be before your time if you’re in our 18-35 demographic. They have a 40 year career and have a whooping 22 studio albums under their belt. 

Many artists such as Kurt Cobain, The Ramones, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, and so many more  call them an influence. Here is the reason why you need to know about Sparks. They’ve been keeping things lo-key since 2010, but are once again relevant because they created an album with Franz Ferdinand. Collaborations today isn’t a new thing, but for 2 prominent bands to merge together, it’s a pretty big deal. Ron Mael of Sparks and FFS talks with your host Sean Chin about their new album and upcoming North American tour. 


Ron’s “Feel Good” Playlist:

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