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Peaches at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Photographs by Sarah Rix.

“Peaches, bitches!” was the first thing I heard upon arriving at Toronto’s legendary Phoenix Concert Theater on the Tuesday night. One night after Canada’s one-of-a-kind election which led to the majority victory of the Liberal party with the leadership of the young and handsome Justin Trudeau, Torontonians were host to their very own Peaches, who was back after six years of absence with her Rub tour in support of her latest release, Rub. 

As the show began with Peaches mom announcing how proud she and Peaches dad were of their daughter’s message of acceptance, Peaches emerged through the packed-house choir of the Canadian national anthem and began her nearly an hour and half long set with the title track from her new record, Rub. Performing solo with the sonic stream of background music, Peaches later joined by two dancers/performers who at first were attired in a giant vaginas, and later diversified the visual performance by their erotic dance, masks, gestures, movements, makeup, and more custom. Peaches herself began by taking off her glorious custom layer by layer all the way to a skin-tight leotard which was covered and uncovered again and again during the none-stop set by variety of colors, shapes, and fabulous designs. 

After sharing some champagne with the fans, straight from the bottle and later from the tits of one of the dancers, and walking inside a giant plastic dick during Dick in the Air, Peaches finished her set with her classic, Fuck the Pain Away. Agreed with the message and the sentiment, I was excited to see Peaches back on the stage for two encores, Dumb Fuck and AA XXX, which were followed by yet another encore, Light in Places. 

Awesome show, great sound, greater audience, hot performance, and brilliant Peaches. Please do come back! I personally promise to keep fucking the pain away until then. 

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