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X Ambassadors with Grizfolk at The Opera House

Very cramped quarters on the stage at The Opera House in Toronto but the opening band Grizfolk didn’t seem to mind. They were playing to an early, packed house what’s not to like?  The crowd at the front of the venue were around the ages of 16-20 where as the back of the venue held the older folk drinking and having a great time. Even playing on stage with very little room due to gear they made the best of it and even managed to get themselves and the crowd jumping around. The audience seemed to appreciate their enthusiasm.  

Grizfolk are from Los Angeles and use to be called Griz but after their song “The Struggle” went viral they changed their name to Grizfolk.

I am new to this band, but from what I can tell they had quite a few fans at The Opera House as they were singing along to quite a few of theirs songs. By the end of their set the crowd was ready and The Opera House was officially packed.

The Opera House was completely sold out for X Ambassadors and there was even scalpers outside begging for tickets.  I was able to walk approximately 2 feet into the door way and couldn’t go any further due to the shear impact of people wedged in like sardines.

Everyone at The Opera House was there to have a great time, dancing and singing to just about every song X Ambassadors performed.  I was even approached by one over enthusiastic fan who tried to persuade me to dance with him, but I politely declined his invitation.  The alcohol was flowing and not one person that I saw didn’t have a smile on their face.  

They started off their set with “Loveless” and by the time they started “Unsteady” which was their 5th song the audience was primed.  During “Unsteady” the whole entire crowd sang to the point where the band even stopped to listen to them sing.

They performed their song “Naked” but before starting Sam explained to them that “this is a song about love…. also a song about taking your clothes off” and as to be expected the crowd erupted into cheering.

I did get a kick out of watching the people at the back of the bar dancing away, even with totally strangers and really no one seemed to have a care in the world at that moment.

I do wish I had Sam’s energy tho, he was dancing and jumping around on stage like crazy. I know I would be done after one song but he kept it going with ease it seemed. I wish I could bottle his energy.

The X Ambassadors made the “X”sign with both of there arms and left the stage, well, that was until people screamed for an encore which they got.  They performed “Unconsolable” a video was release for this song through funding by a KickStarter campaign.  I actually found it an odd song to be ending the night with due to the fact that is isn’t a very upbeat song.

Once again I would like to give thanks to the crew because without them there is no show!

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