Scott Weiland’s Last Interview From Adelaide Hall in Toronto

Scott Weiland talks with Dawn Hamilton backstage at around 8pm a few hours before his last performance at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on Tuesday, December 2, 2015.

We had a full crew ready to film this interview, but only got confirmation with Scott’s management 25 minutes before the time slot. Our interviewer put together this session as best she could on such short notice. Initially it would have been edited with question slides. But because of the sudden and tragic loss of Weiland’s life. We all agreed to leave it unedited as much as possible.

With that said. We are honoured to be among the very last to speak with him. In this interview session, Scott reveals what he is most thankful for in life, defining his musical legacy, balancing rock attitude and fashion. He then explains his strategy if trapped in a zombie apocalypse and desert island. David Bowie is his biggest influence and would love to collaborate with him. And in a surprised answer, Weiland said that he was open to reuniting Velvet Revolver.

See photos and our review of Scott Weiland’s last performance ever in Toronto HERE.


Scott Weiland & Dawn Hamilton after their interview. Photo by Jerry Abramovich.

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