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Young Galaxy at the Mod Club

Photographs by Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

Nothing stops the fierce Catherine McCandless from putting on a great performance, not even acute bronchitis. 

Stopping into Toronto’s Mod Club Wednesday night, Young Galaxy quipped her ailment offered an authentic experience as she had suffered through a previous bout during the recording of Falsework, the Montreal band’s fifth studio album.

Opening the night with “Wear Out The Ground,” a cut from Falsework, McCandless cooed over layered synth to choreographed dance alongside backup vocalists/dancers. But McCandless’ gorgeous vocals quickly began to fade taking on a Kim Carnes like quality though an increasingly strained performance. 

Despite considerations to call the set quits, given her obvious ailment, McCandless persevered. Giving a standout rendition of “We’re No Good” thanks to unwavering audience encouragement. 

Slowly being overtaken by the tracks’ lush synth, reverberating bass, and dance grooves of “Body” and “Flawless,” McCandless encouraged the audience to sing along to the choruses of favourites “Pretty Boy” and “New Summer” from 2013’s Ultramarine. Aided by a vibrant light show, backup dancers/vocalists, and an enthusiastic crowd, even at her worst, Catherine McCandless remains an enthralling frontwoman. 

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