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ABBATH with High on Fire, Skeletonwitch, and Tribulation at Decibel Tour, Opera House

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, ABBATH took Toronto by storm as he performed at the Opera House.

As the lights dimmed, the ex-Immortal vocalist & guitarist appeared on stage sporting his signature black and white makeup while giving the crowd an intimidating glare. Wasting no time, he opened up the show with ‘To War’, which is the opening track of his self-titled debut album, and then followed up with his second single ‘Winterbane’. Along with playing his new songs, ABBATH also treated fans to a lot of Immortal covers. In a way I found it slightly odd since about half of the set list was made up of covers from his previous bands as opposed to playing mostly off of the new album. But nonetheless, Toronto didn’t seem to mind as the roars from the crowd got even louder as ABBATH broke out Immortal songs such as ‘Nebular Ravens Winter’ and ‘One By One’. The stage presence of ABBATH is very intense, he has this glance that captivates the audience and lets them know he’s in control. As he was singing he began to do a one-two fist pump into the air, fans followed and moshed along as he belted out the lyrics to ‘Warriors’, a cover from Norwegian heavy metal supergroup, I, which also features ABBATH.

As the night came to an end, ABBATH closed the show with Immortal’s ‘In My Kingdom Cold’.

Thanks to Inertia Entertainment for media access.

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