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LOUDPVCK at The Hoxton

There was an electric energy within the walls of The Hoxton the night LA duo LOUDPVCK showed up and shut down one of Toronto’s most notorious clubs. The speakers kept turning out bass heavy, window shaking and body grooving sounds of trap, dubstep, house and other electronic goodness over the course of the night.

When I arrived, one of The Hoxton’s champion DJs, Pusher was at the helms getting the crowd hyped for the headliner act and dishing out the energy on his own regard. Rocking all black with a hat sporting his signature logo, the Toronto DJ was jamming out to his set with the same energy as those in the crowd. It was easy to tell that Pusher was a pro at what he does as the crowd became unglued when he had dropped Rage Against the Machine’s Bulls on Parade, heavy hitter Propaganda by DJ Snake and Pusher’s own sure fire bangers Basic and Clear, the latter being his first single off of his upcoming EP. Pusher set the bar for what was to be an adrenaline filled night and it showed when he had climbed onto the DJ table, for what could have been the first in The Hoxton’s history.

The CDJs at the front of the stage seamlessly changed hands from Pusher to the duo of Ryan Marks & Kenny Beats, commonly known as LOUDPVCK. Even if it didn’t seem possible, the Los Angeles DJs got the crowd even more hyped when they had introduced themselves and promised that everyone was in for a wild night. With their signature marriage of dubstep and trap’s flowing & hard hitting sounds and high caliber energy that mimics early 90s underground hip hop shows, LOUDPVCK brings an energy that rivals iconic summer festivals like Veld and EDC to the dance floor of The Hoxton. At one point in the night, the duo took everyone on a journey back in time by playing a medley of iconic hip hop bangers including M.O.P’s Ante Up, Missy Elliot’s Get Ur Freak On and ending with All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. The front of the room was flooded with people bouncing with the beat; the back of the room was saved for the shufflers and somewhere in between a mosh pit had broken out, in which at one point a b-boy had wowed the room with his incredible air flairs. With the different types of movers coming together, it was fairly easy to say that Ryan & Kenny know how to keep the crowds partying. Even Kenny Beats was feeling the grooves as he was Milly Rocking to the groves coming out of the speakers, although he had been out rocked by someone on stage. Since opening for Flosstradamus in 2013, LOUDPVCK’s return to The Hoxton has been a non-stop high octane & iconic party that didn’t let up until the lights went on at the end of the night.

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