Below The Ground

“Baby” by Anna of The North

Originating in Oslo,Norway, Anna of The North had no intention to pursue music. After spending some time studying in Melbourne, she met who would soon be her producer, Brady. She is currently working with “Different Recordings”. They work with mainly electronic and dance artists. They are not only independent, but international as well. The label’s first release was in 1996. In the mid 2000’s they took a 3 year hiatus, but now they are back and “reborn”.

This song begins with some mellow synthesizing and background vocals, creating a type of almost “cozy” vibe. Her vocals begin off very “Echoed” and defined, as the song wants you to recognize her intimate lyrics and vocals. The song begins fairly simple, but gradually becomes more exciting and attention grabbing after the first chorus as her pitch raises, and vocals and synthesizing becomes more intense. The true “epic” part of the song would be at about 2:20 when some key’s get added in, vocal overlapping begins, adding even more intensity and emotion.

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