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Korn and Rob Zombie at the Molson Amphitheatre

I’m not even sure where to start with Rob Zombie’s performance, it was definitely not like anything I’ve experienced before. You felt as if you were teleported onto the set of one of his horror films and honestly, I loved every bit of it. There was a giant boom box, multiple gigantic demon like heads, and of course, his Nosferatu microphone stands set up across the stage.

Zombie and his band of ghouls performed an array of songs ranging from ‘The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore’ to ‘Living Dead Girl’, and they even performed ‘More Human Than Human’ which is from Zombie’s first band White Zombie. The set was just one big dance party between Piggy D’s heavy bass lines, John 5’s guitar riffs, and Ginger Fish’s intense drum beats.

As the night progressed, his set also featured a larger than life Lucifer that hobbled out onto the stage, towering over everyone, along with the massive silver robot that has been featured in many of his videos. To close out their set, a trailer for Zombie’s new movie 31, played across the screens before plowing through ‘Dragula’. The whole experience left me wanting more, as it felt like a circus themed goth rave meets metal concert; and it honestly had me seriously looking into finding a way to get myself to Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, an event where every weekend he hosts a concert to accompany 5 or so haunted houses based off of his films. It was unforgettable.

Next up was Korn. At first glance, some people might have been a little disappointed to see that their stage set up was a little light on the theatrics – especially since their set followed Rob Zombie’s. But what Korn lacked in theatrics, they definitely made up for it in their live performance. Front man, Jonathan Davis, has such a unique voice that it was a treat to be able to witness him performing live- he can seriously do anything from singing, screaming, & scatting. I think that’s one of the things that has helped set Korn apart from all the other nü-metal bands out there.

They kicked off their set by playing newer songs such as ‘Right Now’, ‘Here To Stay’, and ‘Rotting In Vain’, while they filled the second half of their set with a lot of older fan favourites. This had fans throwing up their metal horns and head banging throughout the night. One of the highlights was definitely when Davis, broke out the bagpipes for their performance of ‘Shoots & Ladders’. As the evening came to a close, Korn ended their set with their hit ‘Freak On A Leash’, which in my opinion was the perfect way to end such a crazy night.

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