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Video Premiere: “Am I Dreaming?” by Creature Comfort

This is a fascinating and weird video for us to premiere by Creature Comfort. Even after knowing more about it, questions still linger and if art isn’t thought provoking what good is it? It may sound gentle, but it goes straight into your chest and stays there.

They call their music indie space rock, which is perfect, and a rare sound in Nashville. Their lead singer Jessey is a Pharmacist by day; it’s truly a passion project for him. Their new EP Echoes & Relics tackles topics of the misconception of love and questioning reality while carrying the listener through moody, vivid landscapes.

Quotes from Jessey Clark:

“Our friends Owen and Hayden first came to me with the idea for the video and said “dude, you’re gonna love this.” I was super stoked.  It was right up our alley since we’re all sci-fi fantasy loving nerds. Acting in this video was a ton of fun. The white room where a lot of the video takes place is actually a set that we built in the cinematographer’s room. Pretty impressive to say the least. My favorite part was that after shooting everything we needed, I was able to punch a hole in the wall.  And we ended up using that shot in the virtual scene. We filmed for like 15 hours in there and I started to forget who I was. Some of the best shots ended up coming from us being really weird and delirious at 3 a.m. I wasn’t sure how a lot of the shots were going to fit into the finished product, especially the nude shot at the end but I think it closes it out well.”

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