World Premiere

Video Premiere: “Why Do U Offer??” by Prince of Toronto

Why Do U Offer?? is the 2nd release from Prince of Toronto’s upcoming EP The Blue Prince, showcasing a more bratty, experimental guitar-rock edge than the rustic & sad alt-country of 1st single Flies with Honey. In the manner of classic 60’s singles, this release features a serious, ‘important’ slow song on side A, and a winking punk-rocker as the B side. The bridge-like transition between songs blossomed from a moment of inspiration on a stormy final mix day in the studio, and is made up of backwards guitar, amp feedback and real rain. This lyric video was shot at Cherry Cola’s and directed by Jon Arnold.

Prince of Toronto is the musical alter ego of songwriter Jackson Fishauf. His upcoming EP, The Blue Prince, presents Fishauf’s cathartic songs in a stark new light, offering confrontational guitar-rock anthems with the graceful slop of country twang, led by Fishauf’s unconventional voice and direct lyrics. Harnessing the tense, raw sound of a 3-piece rock configuration, and recorded live off the floor in one night, the songs on The Blue Prince exhibit a distinctly hooky and “honest” take on the perils of expectation in the modern age and the frustrated aftermath of breakdowns in communication.

Make sure you check out Prince of Toronto’s music on Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and on Twitter @PrinceofTO.

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