Two thousand seventeen, let’s dance

Two thousand sixteen, what a year you’ve been. Everyone is pretty upset with all of the great musicians and film icons you took from us. But at the end of the day we know that it is life working in its strange little ways. 

It wasn’t all horrible news though. A handful of promising up and coming musicians stepped it up. And so many moving films premiered. All of these made for the best year the Live in Limbo family’s ever had thus far. We attended over an astonishing 640 concerts in Toronto, GTA, and even some in the USA. 

While live music remains our bread and butter, I’m thrilled so say that our special projects, once in beta are all fully fleshed out, and could stand their own individually. The feedback we’ve received from our podcasts, video interviews, and LiL MIX has been unprecedented. Over 126 episodes later, our music and pop-culture podcast Capsule is stronger than ever. Our film podcast Contra Zoom is continuing steady growth, and our in-depth cultural show Neohuman is as provocative as ever. LiL’s mini-podcast network is truly an unexpected fruition from my love of podcasting. We haven’t been doing video interviews for that long, but we totally rocked it. We have a fantastic team of videographers and hosts that got to talk to some of the best artists in the industry today. The weekly LiL MIX involves all members of the LiL team is the best way for us to directly share what’s on our radar with you.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who we’ve collaborated with this year.The artists, labels, management, PR, venues, sponsors and of course our beloved readers, viewers, and listeners. 

Most importantly, I’d like to thank the entire LiL editorial team, and every contributor. We don’t do what we do for anyone else other than to please and challenge ourselves to new limits. By doing this, LiL has developed its own distinct culture and appeal. Any acknowledgment or acclaim we receive from our process is merely a byproduct. That’s the difference for us. 

We have so much up our sleeves for the new year and cannot wait to show you.

Two thousand seventeen, let’s dance.

About author

Chief Editor & Founder of Live in Limbo. Host & Producer of the Capsule Podcast. Sean is an award-winning photographer and Nikon Professional Services member. His work has appeared on the CBC, Pitchfork, and MUCH. He is an Academy Delegate at the JUNOs (CARAS) and has been involved in the Toronto music scene since 2005. He is also an endurance and CrossFit athlete. You should follow him on Twitter @SeanChin.