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“New World Alphabet” by USS

Final Rating: 6.5/10

Canadian Rock band USS has just dropped their new album, “New World Alphabet”. The album opens up with single, “Work Shoes”. The song contains some cool layering, especially in the chorus and overall carries a fun vibe with a catchy sound. “Who’s With Me” was a pretty decent track, with another catchy chorus. 

This album is everything you expect from USS. “Work Shoes” is a really great start to the album but as you listen further and further, there is a similarity between all of the tracks. Additionally, I wouldn’t say the sound isn’t anything that I haven’t heard before, it actually sounds similar to Imagine Dragons at times in terms of vocals and use of electronics. This is a well made alternative-pop album with hints of rock sprinkled around.

I really enjoyed the use of the keyboard in track “Alien”, which is probably the most unique track on the album. The keyboard is really what is going for this song, along with some synthesizers. The chorus  in the song features some passionate vocals.

The use of piano in final track, “Vulcan” was really good. The vocals set it apart from the rest of the album, and the song featured some cool synthesizers in the beginning. I really appreciated the extended bridge in the song, and I think it really helped with ending the album on a good note.

Overall, I was a solid familiar sounding album from USS. But I wished for more. The band has great talent and dynamic, and hope they push the limits even further. I can respect the fact that they opened and closed the album with two well put together and catchy songs.

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