Find a Strong Connection this Valentine’s Day with Virgin Mobile Canada

It’s that romantic time of year again. And as lovers of music, we are always searching for a stronger connection. A connection to a lyric, a melody, another music-lover or even a connection to our favourite streaming service.

Technology has made it so much easier for us to find a band from across the world that we feel really understands us. Or how about when you make new friends because you see they will be attending the same music festival as you this summer. Music has always been something that connects people to art and to each other, but with technology we can create even deeper connections. 

The way we consume music today relies heavily on the internet. Whether you’re streaming this week’s curated LiL MIX on Spotify, smashing on that refresh button to get those hot Ariana Grande concert tickets, or watching our latest interviews with bands such as The 1975 on your smart TV, having a rock solid Wi-Fi signal in your home makes all the difference. 

Introducing Steve, the happy home modem from Virgin Mobile Canada. Steve is the perfect Valentine’s Day date for anyone music-obsessed. He’s here to bring you closer to Home Internet, and all of the music and pop-culture goodness your heart desires.

From a physical stand point, Steve has got it all. He can handle multiple devices from your speakers, your desktop and even your phone and lightning fast download and upload speeds with six powerful antennas so your songs never skip a beat. He has enough Wi-Fi love to cover your entire household so you can dance your way from room to room. This Valentine’s Day, give Steve a shot, and turn up your internet connection, and your love for music to 11!

Invite your best buds over for a Friday night party and Steve will easily carry the playlist from your mobile device to your bluetooth speakers all night long. Then take some sweet selfies and upload them to social media to get those likes rolling in. 

Be sure to follow Virgin Mobile Canada on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over the next few days and see what else Steve hooks up with. 

About author

Chief Editor & Founder of Live in Limbo. Host & Producer of the Capsule Podcast. Sean is an award-winning photographer and Nikon Professional Services member. His work has appeared on the CBC, Pitchfork, and MUCH. He is an Academy Delegate at the JUNOs (CARAS) and has been involved in the Toronto music scene since 2005. He is also an endurance and CrossFit athlete. You should follow him on Twitter @SeanChin.