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Eric Church at the Air Canada Centre

Fans of all ages descended upon the Air Canada Centre on a cool, crisp. winter’s evening to witness the one and only Eric Chuch.  He brought his “Holdin My Own” tour to Toronto on Thursday and his fans couldn’t be happier.  There was a buzz of excitement through the arena in anticipation of the 3+ hour concert, Eric being the only one performing.  

With a 16,000+ strong audience you could feel the love in the air as they sang their hearts out to just about every song including the introduction song “Hallelujah” even before Eric took the stage.  I always feel sorry for the people behind the stage when the arena is set up in the round, yes I am aware they purchased those tickets but sitting behind the stage isn’t the greatest, as much as Eric tried to include them as he walked around the huge stage.  This was Eric Church’s first time performing in the Air Canada Centre and I am sure the fans did the venue proud by loudly singing every chance they got.  When Eric started his song “Talladega” he walked around the ramp at the edge of the stage and fan after fan held up flags for him to wave above the audience.  He grabbed a few and waved them in the air but before he gave them back he made sure to sign them as he was singing, nice touch Eric! Just before the much needed beer intermission Eric decided it was time for an inspirational song and belted out his song “Smoke A Little Smoke” and as if on cue the second the song ended the fans in attendance ran for the exits to the concorse to, well, smoke a little smoke and drink a little drink. 

A counter was ticking down the time left in the intermission and as the clock hit 10 seconds left the fans started the count down till Eric Church came back on stage.  As the clock hit zero Eric’s guitar player took centre stage and promptly started “Ain’t Killed Me Yet” and once again the fans started singing along.  Every one in the crowd got a huge laugh when Eric was making the walk around the stage and as he grabbed a poster from an adoring fan a big smile lit up his face.  He held it up for all to see it and it said “I Will Get Lucky If You Sign Her Poster” and of course he signed it and I am hoping someone got “lucky” last night.

The alcohol was flowing and people were feeling no pain as the second set got into full swing.  Watching the beer spill over the sides of the plastic cups on to the unsuspecting jackets below as the fans were waving their arms and dancing in their seats.  

Half way through the second set Eric stopped to explain to the crowd that on this tour they make little changes to the set list so every city isn’t the same.  Sometimes even playing songs they don’t know that well, “This is what makes music fun, so we will see” Eric stated before playing “Gettin Stoned”

Looking every bit the star with his aviator shades on Eric Church took over the Air Canada Centre with ease. The 3.5+ hour show seemed like minutes to the capacity crowd.  I am positive no one left the venue disappointed, if, their non stop cheers for 3.5+ hours were any indication of how they felt. 

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show! 

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