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“Dead Planet” by Blankscreen

Blankscreen is a new alternative rock band, based out of Toronto. Members include Evan Moore (vocals, guitar, keyboards, lyricist), Charles Elk on drums, and Patrick Kangkodos on bass. The trio actually recently formed through Craigslist, and have been jammin together ever since. Because of their similar inspirations in music (Sonic Youth, The Smiths, Morphine), the group works well together to create music with an alternative edge to it.

This week, I have chosen their song “Dead Planet” off of their demo. The song begins with a soft acoustic intro, then leading into a hard-hitting chorus. I love all the transitions in this track- I love how it brings you up and down so smoothly. The vocals are not your average, and really add a unique touch to the song- almost poetic in a way. Overall, I love this track. The subtle electric guitar throughout the song is super rad, and I think all the instrumentals in this track just go together so well. The overall theme of the song is just really cool, pretty much about wanting to get away.

Give this song a listen, and you can also listen live THIS Thursday March 16th at The Smiling Buddha. Rock on.


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