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“Hard Times” by Motorama

Motorama is a Russian Indie Synth-Pop band. Members include Vlad Parshin, Irene, Parshina, Maxim Polivano, and Sasha Norets. They originated in 2005, and vocals are often compared to Joy Division.

The band works with French independent label, Talitres. The label was founded in 2000 and is based out of  Bordeaux, specializing in Indie Pop and Folk music.

I have chosen the first song “Hard Times” off of their most recent album “Dialogues” which was released on October 21st, 2016.  I really enjoy the whole vibe of this song- its chill, but its also something you can dance to. Vocals are relaxed, and go along so well with the vibe. The song is pretty much about going through hard times, but always having that one person by your side, and I find that so beautiful along with the relaxed instrumentation and synths- it can be so easy to get lost in this short song.

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