Below The Ground

“Vacui 95” by Field Trip

Field trip is a psych-pop/ambient band based of L.A and NYC, originating in 2014.

I feel that instrumental music is so underrated these days. Lately I’ve been listening to bands like Explosions In the Sky,  Ambulance, etc – and it made me really want to take a look at independent music that is more instrumentally based. This week, I chose the song “Vacui 95” off of field trips album, Horror Vacui. Although there are some vocals, the main focus of this song is the sound. This song is very psychedelic, and although there is not much physically spoken in this song, I feel that if you listen close enough, you can really take whatever message or vibe you wish from it- and that is the beauty of music that is more instrumentally focused. I love the transition around the 1:00 mark- I think it works so well, and that this song is truly amazing.

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