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Song Premiere : “NYDK” by Sabbatical Year

After a short hiatus, Sabbatical Year returns with its new project, Metropolitan, a multimedia artistic endeavor comprised of photographs, videos, and music. Metropolitan explores love, loss, and what it’s like to struggle and succeed in today’s weird world. Sabbatical Year, known for its catchy yet insightful tunes, has recently evolved in its line-up, paring down its driving creative forces to one: Nick Margiasso. Nick has re-focused the project’s sound by taking on the role of leader in his continued collaboration with many of Atlanta’s skilled musicians. Sabbatical Year effortlessly explores a new, genre-bending, electronic singer-songwriter style, incorporating poetic lyricism and sounds that were designed to move the body and inspire the mind. Not to be confined to the musical box only, the Metropolitan project is also a visual exploration, inspired by the geography, language and people that move Nick Margiasso. Metropolitan is out this April.


“I don’t directly address the subject of ‘love’ all the time, but here on this album where I knocked out a lot of themes of previously danced around in the past, I thought it was time. NYDK stands for Now You Don’t Know (what love is). It’s just about one person finally realizing the person they thought they shared love with was actually a ruse conjured in a variety of ways — none of them based in or on love.” – Nick Margiasso

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