Top 5 Things We’re Excited for at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

With just a few days until Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, we’re counting down to the ultimate fan weekend. Here are the top five things we’re most excited for:

1. POW! Parade of Wonders

The POW! Parade of Wonders is an annual cosplay parade celebrating pop culture and creativity in Calgary’s downtown, starring Expo’s special guests and the fans of Calgary Expo. We’ve seen how amazing cosplay can be at Toronto cons, but with an organized parade, Calgary takes the celebration of our favourite characters to the next level. I imagine it will feel like a Disney World Parade down Main St, and with some Disney voice actors in town, who knows which of our beloved characters will make an appearance.

2. Official Calgary Expo After Party Featuring James Marsters in Concert 

After Buffy fans were treated to a singing Spike in the musical episode “Once More With Feeling”, it only seems right that James Marsters gives the fans what they’ve been waiting years for during his Calgary visit. The only thing that could make this after party better is if James is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

3. Boy Meets World with Rider Strong & Will Friedle

Boy Meets World was a show with characters that grew up with us. With such relatable characters and plot lines, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with the show. It was after I saw Will Friedle do a panel at Toronto Comicon in 2016 that I fell even more in love with the show. 

I’ve sat through a lot of expo panels, but never have I seen an actor display as much honesty and vulnerability as Will Friedle. In complete contrast with his outspoken and wacky character on the show, Will dives into the anxiety that he has dealt with in his career and how voice acting entered into his life as a result. It’s a unique panel to sit in on, and when you add Rider Strong into the mix, it’s a panel you don’t want to miss.

4. Vulcan, Aberta & Spark – Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Experience

Between a town sharing a name with Spock’s home planet, and the Telus Spark Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Experience, Alberta is straight out of a Trekkie’s dreams. A visit to what has officially been dubbed the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada is definitely a unique experience we’re looking forward to. 

5. Calgary!

As a bad Canadian who hasn’t been west of Ontario, the Expo taking place in Calgary was enough to sell me on the experience. With this year marking Canada’s 150th anniversary, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo comes at the perfect time for celebrating Canadian favourites like Nathan Fillion and Captain Canuck. 

If you’re local to Calgary or wanting an excuse to see more of our beautiful country, tickets to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo are still available at: