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“Lets Ride” by AIDA

AIDA is a fresh new artist with a unique funk vibe to her. The singer/songwriter is originally from France, but has now relocated to Toronto to share her Pop-Funk vibes with more of the world.

This week, I’m featuring her new tune “Let’s Ride”, produced by Fresco Klüb . This song is everything you need – upbeat, funky, and a carries a cool 80’s vibe to it with unique synths and an attractive melody. It is inspired by stories of her Mom growing up in the 80’s. The tune has a very catchy chorus, displaying AIDA’s beautiful vocals that are up and coming to the industry.

The video for the track includes cool 80’s stylized visuals, dancing, neon colours, and tells a unique story that captures your attention. Honestly, this video and song is the perfect fit to be a part of your Summer soundtrack, so make sure to listen- again, and again!

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