Real Estate at the Danforth Music Hall

Photographs by Dakota Arsenault 

For over the past years Real Estate has casually been creating music, labelling them as a band too chilled out to take themselves seriously. However, on Tuesday evening, The Danforth Music Hall filled with a particular energy that would imply otherwise.

To start things off, Frankie Cosmos took the stage. Her magical and blissful voice engaged the audience before Real Estate came out to play some of their tracks, both old and new.

The band played a selection of tracks – from their classics, such as Talking Backwards, to Darling, a track off their most recent and longest album to date, In Mind. Real Estate’s casual tempos and melodic wam synths brought an energetic life to the room, while the variety of lights and fog engaged the audience with their sound.

Despite finding myself normally engaged in environments with electronic sounds, I found Real Estate to be a pleasant surprise and incredible introduction to the melancholic and trance-like feelings discovered through the sounds of indie-rock, neo-psychedelia, and surf rock.

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