Video Premiere: Recording “Rise Over Run” – Episode 3 by Crown Lands

Toronto based psych-rock band Crown Lands is currently hosting a docu-series all about the sound behind their soon to be released EP , “Rise Over Run”. Episode 3 consists of a behind the scenes look at the technical side of the EP showing a variety of pedals, synths, amps, mics, and more- you see all that it takes for the band to create their unique sound. Additionally, you get to take a look at where they record: Chalet Studios. The studio is located just North of Toronto and has hosted a variety of successful Canadian bands such as Great Lake Swimmers and Rush; just to name a couple. Just yesterday the band won the 97.7 Rock Search 2017 contest.

The band consists of Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles. Although the band is fresher to the scene having just released their debut EP “Mantra” in August 2016, they have made their presence loud and clear with their modern day psych-rock sound which is exactly what the scene needs right now. “If you haven’t heard of Crown Lands, you will” – Alan Cross

Wanna catch them live?

June 17th – Sugar Beach Spirit & Wine Fest

June 17th – Toronto – Cherry Cola’s Spirit NXNE

June 22nd – Toronto- Horseshoe Tavern

June 23rd – Ottawa- Live on Elgin

June 24 – Newcastle – Solstice Festival

June 1st – Oshawa – Canada Day Festival

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