World Premiere

Song Premiere : “Naked” by Elsie and The Vibe

Photo courtesy of Hannah Westbrook

Melbourne, Australia-born, indie soul/R&B artist, Elsie and The Vibe, drops the track, “Naked,” from the upcoming self-titled debut EP. Due out this Summer, the EP was produced by Jonathan Dreyfus (Gretta Ray, Lama) and Robert Upward (Emaar, Shelley Segal). “​Naked” is a raw, stripped back and deeply intimate ballad. The track unearths the inherent strength in vulnerability through honest lyrics, delicate piano and a powerful string quartet. Take an exclusive listen to “Naked”, only on LiL!

Stay tuned for more new music from Elsie and the Vibe, as she continues to mesmerize with her “deep, raw emotional vulnerability,” (SOM Magazine) and catch her in Melbourne, Australia at her upcoming EP launch show in August.

From the artist : “I wrote the song when I first started playing my music for other people. Songwriting had always been a very personal and private thing for me, so when I decided to share my music with others I suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed. It felt like I was ripping out the pages of my diary, photocopying my deepest thoughts, and handing them around. Through writing Naked, I found strength in this vulnerability and the freedom that comes with revealing my truth. For me, it’s a really empowering and emboldening song.”  – Elsie

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