Lessons in Fashion Forwardness from… Horses?

Okay, so nobody’s getting tips on the latest trends from horses (although let’s be honest, we do envy their manes!) but the horse races themselves have long been staples of the social calendar. Therefore, it’s easy to see why these events encourage such an impressive array of fashionistas to descend upon them. In the UK, you’ve got Cheltenham, Aintree, and Ascot – among many, many others – which get a variety of people coming out in their droves to show off their most polished looks. Many people who don’t even have an interest in matters of a horsey nature will show up because the event appeals to almost all. This leads to a really interesting range of choices when it comes to how people are dressed.

Your Conduct Has To Be On Point Too

What’s the point of going to every effort to be fashionable with your ensemble if you’re less than with your conduct? Etiquette is equally important on the day, whether you’re a man or a woman. Basic observations such as politeness are a given but, for goodness sake, don’t drink too much, either. You’ll be there all day, so pace yourself and don’t do anything silly.

Remember that the big day isn’t just about keeping up appearances – you’re actually there to see the horses as well. Learning a little something about what to expect in this respect will go a really long way. Placing a bet is all part of the fun of the day, but if you’re unsure on how to do it (and how to hopefully win), then you’d better read up in advance. Tipsters regularly release their information regarding what they see as a “sure thing” and The Winners Enclosure can teach you all about the NAP of the day. No, it’s not an opportunity to sleep! It’s your best bet (literally) when it comes to who to back, which they’ve studied across a multitude of races (up to 40) and made an informed decision.

Fashion Inspiration

Looking through pictures of previous events is one sure way to get it right when you’re considering a day out at the races. For women, especially, there are days which are basically all about the ladies, such as Cheltenham Ladies Day, but then you have the likes of the Royal Ascot and the Grand National. It must be noted that there is a dress code at many of the major events. These days are almost like society events with plenty of classic, quintessential style or more quirky, kitsch pieces on display.

Getting a balance is very important. You cannot buy class so, in order to ensure a look which isn’t offensive or too brash, you’ll want to consider how you present yourself. It is, of course, all a very personal decision but sometimes the media can be cruel to those who don’t follow the rules properly (and you also may not get in).

If you want to be a little more dainty and demure and err on the side of caution, looking to someone like Vogue Williams might be a good idea. Her nod to high fashion emulates the kind of graceful look which is most befitting of such an event. Be unique, yes. But, also, look at the place of the races in history and what they stand for. Fashion icon and Vogue editor Anna Wintour once said: “fashion today is available to everybody in a way it never has been before” – so it’s less about your budget, and more about the impression you hope to give off.