Mobile Games in Canada

Smartphones have changed the way people complete even the most ordinary tasks. Take for instance gaming. With the development of gaming apps, gamers now enjoy playing their favourite games more on their phones rather than dedicated gaming consoles. Easy to download and rather inexpensive, mobile gaming apps have significantly changed the gaming industry. 

In 2016, an important milestone was reached as research determined that mobile phones had become the most popular way of gaming for the majority of Canadians. This is a significant shift in just a short period of time as only 6% played mobile games in 2012. The increasing amount of people switching over to smartphones has been the key reason for this change. Canadian women also out game men on mobile devices with 51% of them picking up their mobile phone for gaming. 

Many of the top mobile games have been created by Canadian software developers as the nation is the third in the world for video game creation. Some popular mobile games include Alto’s Adventure, Pull My Tongue and Asphalt Nitro. App stores have made it simple to download games to one’s device often without a fee. This is a significant change from console gaming in Canada which required a purchase of a gaming cartridge that was rather expensive. This means mobile gamers can easily try out new games without a financial commitment. 

This trend of mobile gaming has also spread to the online casino industry in Canada. More and more gamblers are playing their favourite games on their mobile devices. Online casinos and bingo sites began appealing to these users by releasing their own apps optimized for the change in device specifications.  For reviews of online bingo providers in Canada have a look at, the reviews provided ensure you select the right bingo game for your needs. Bingo has always been popular but the game has gone in a completely new direction since the popularity of smartphones began to grow. Online gambling sites are now far more popular than old fashioned bingo halls with the demographics of players also changing, there are more young players involved with the game than ever before. The way bingo has adapted to technology is definitely the reason behind this. 

As Canadians continue to enjoy mobile gaming, the industry as whole is expected to undergo further changes as it strives to provide the best possible gaming experience.

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