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Bonobo with Photay at the Danforth Music Hall

Photos by Matt Forsythe

In the span of just a few months, electronica artist Bonobo performed three times in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall, two of which occurred back-to-back earlier this week. Celebrating his latest album Migration, Bonobo set the standard for what electronica shows should look like. For one, elevating such immersive sonic landscapes with a live band makes for a better performance and live experience, especially in comparison to the many who rely solely on their own set ups of synths and keys. While those can be entertaining, seeing Bonobo with a full band, paired with displays of rolling waves, caves, and salt flats, and a series of punchy light cues, lends itself to a stronger connection with the music. The especially beautiful voice of supporting vocalist Szerjene found a way with the Toronto audience, bringing them into the fold for a deep set on a Monday night.

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