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Video Premiere : “Bridges” by Rikka Zimmerman

From The Artist : “It seems the majority of society have lost their relationship to the goodness of life. The truth is life is infinitely giving. Even for us to take our next breath 4 trillion things have to go right, and here we are breathing easy, being given the gift of life. I set out to create a song that would invite someone back into the truth of just how good, how magical, and how infinitely giving life truly is.”

Rikka grew up around music her whole life, as her parents had met in a choir and play multiple instruments. Rikka carried her musical gift through adulthood and released her first inspirational album, Be the Change, in 2013. Two years afterwards, she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer (given 8 weeks to live), and she became painfully aware that she had been “playing it safe” her whole life. She says, “When I was faced with the possibility that my life might be taken from me, a burning passion ignited in my heart like an uncontrollable wildfire. I knew that I had not set my heart completely free and expressed this pure love I truly am through music.” Today, Rikka is completely in remission and stronger in every way. She now desires, even more, to share her miracle of life, love and transformation with the world through her new album, The Miracle, which she released on Aug. 3, 2017.

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