LiL MIX Volume 73: Meal Prep Tunez

I love a good playlist.  My iTunes left sidebar is filled with playlists that I have created.  Going on a vacation?  I have a playlist.  New season?  Playlist made.  Attending a festival where there’s a lot of artists I don’t know?  There’s a playlist for that!  I have been known to make playlists for friends on Spotify and even going as far as making a mix C.D. for someone.

Every Sunday I meal prep my week out and I will load up my themed playlist on iTunes to make the time of cooking go by faster.  I have thought about what songs make me feel good but doesn’t get me hyped too much as I might get distracted and end up burning my kitchen up!

I thought I would give this playlist a share and hope it brings your meal prep game up a level!

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