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“Simpler Places” by Burn The Louvre

Burn The Louvre is a Hamilton born Indie Rock band including Jordan Speare, and his brother Dylan.

They have just released a brand new EP titled “We’ll Be Just Fine” this past July. One of the highlights is their track “Simpler Places” which is an up-beat Indie track with personal lyrics, an attractive electric guitar bridge, and a fun video that is personal to the city of Hamilton filmed in a variety of different places, and streets. 

Jordan has a unique and catchy voice that needs to be heard with personal lyrics that he says “came from a place of frustration”, along with an excellent band to back him up.

I love how personal the video is to the band, its authentic and you can tell how much work has actually put into this to make it personal and portray their message properly. Additionally, I’m in love with the album art.

You can listen to their entire EP , here.

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