World Premiere

Song Premiere : ‘Panther’ by KiSMiT

From The Artist : [Carly] Music helps me make sense of the senseless, helps me lead with compassion and is an outlet for oh so many emotions. A week after the women’s march, I was out a bar and some man felt the need to “flatter” me my grabbing my butt. It was my boiling point, 26 years in the making. All the Alanis Morissette angst in my veins came pouring out into this song, the emblematic lyric being “I’m the panther not the prey”.

This song was written with the intention of it being an empowering anthem so in these moments of violation and complete disrespect for another human being, I remember my worth, my rights, my voice. With the many Weinstein-esque stories buzzing around and the #metoo Facebook sharing that’s happening at the moment, we have never released something so reflective of the current social climate. I couldn’t be more excited that ‘Panther’ (a year in the making) is finally ready for the world to hear.

[Baz] This is the first of our songs to engage the listener in conversation – as opposed to being a love story to witness. To me ‘Panther’ is saying, “You invade my personal space, my body and then demand I respect you?!” There is a cultural turning of the tides that is putting to rest the docile and obedient feminine archetype, largely because social media has provided a safe platform for true experiences, feelings and SECRETS to be heard. Previously, those secrets isolated people, but now we realize many of the horrible molestation stories that are coming to light are, unfortunately, not unique.

Panther is for anyone and everyone who has been made to feel less, smaller or powerless. We are the panthers not the prey.

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