World Premiere

Video Premiere: “If I Were The Hunter” by Set Circles

Creating “If I Were The Hunter”

Artist on the Track: “So the track was an interesting one to write.. it was kind of new territory for me in ways but I set out with a very clear idea of the vibe that I wanted to create and fortunately, it was one of those songs which really just came together nicely from the get go. I was able to develop a structure really quickly which allowed me to spend a little more time working on the mix with relatively fresh ears.”

Artist on the Video: “The music video is almost a whole seperate piece of art that I’m just stoked to have my music behind really. Basically the only doing I had in the clip is that I gave Rick Clifford full creative licence and nowhere near enough money… I sent him the song with the hope that it might spark something in his mind and fortunately for me, he seemed to dig it. I’ve always been a massive admirer of dance of all styles so when he came to me with a pitch involving Nigel, I was hugely excited. What you see in the clip is talent.. One bloody talented dancer and a couple of bloody talented videographers/editors. Im sure it was hard to get right, but the guys at Splittingfilms managed to get it so right. I’m just so stoked to be a part of it.”

Director (Rick Clifford) on the Video: “When I first heard the track, the visuals were instant. I remember seeing Nigel perform at a show I was shooting and knew that his unique tutting style of dance would be a perfect match. I got in contact with Nigel and played him the track, basically begging him to get on board. I asked if he could interpret the music and create movements based on that. Then I’d film based around those movements. The results are a very immersive. Editor Tim Blackburn did an amazing job taking those two elements and creating the electrifying end results.”

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