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Song Premiere : “East To West” by Given Names

From The Artist : “The new track finds inspiration in the Egyptian Predynastic period. A customary practice was to place the dead in a crouched or fetal position in rectangular boxes with their face either towards the east (rising sun) or the west. The song is about someone who has already died and teaching them the rituals of passing from this world to whatever is next.”

Brooklyn/Chicago-based, dark, electro-pop duo, Given Names, drop their track, “East To West,” ahead of upcoming release, EP 2. Already featured on Alternative Press, Substream Magazine and AltSounds, among others, for their eponymous EP, Given Names are the product of design creatives David Raymond (Hidden Hospitals, Damiera) and Jeremy Perez-Cruz (The Still Voice, Sleeping Girl Drowning).

The pair evoke experimental and intellectual songwriting like that of Baths, Phantogram or Radiohead, and combine it with years of experience in art, design and music to craft an austere, yet complex and rich, eerie soundscape. Recorded alongside remix artist and producer Villain Lighting (Bleachers), “East to West” is filled with hook-laden melodies poised to scratch your cognitive itch. The long-time friends create story-driven, minimalistic pop arrangements that serve as a soundtrack to an edgy aesthetic with designer details.

Stay tuned as Given Names build a high profile with precision and release new material leading up to their sophomore EP “that will appeal to those seeking a soundtrack to the darkest corners of the night.” (Substream Magazine)

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