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Album Premiere : “Between The Walls & The Window” by Ché Aimee Dorval

Vancouver singer/songwriter Ché Aimee Dorval is releasing her 2nd full-length album and 3rd release, Between The Walls And The Window, this Friday, December 8th and Live in Limbo has the Exclusive Premiere!

Ché recorded Between The Walls And The Window in her hometown of Vancouver. For producer, Ché tapped studio veteran Shawn F. Cole (Bend Sinister, Yukon Blonde, You Say Party! We Say Die!), known for his biting pop/rock textures and moody atmospherics. The album includes A-list session players like longtime Neko Case guitarist Paul Rigby, bassist Darren Parris and drummer Daniel Ruiz, to augment Ché’s sensitive, insinuating guitar touch. The result is a shifting, multi-layered sound that brings out the full scope and impact of her compositions.

Ché’s latest songs are by turns harrowing, poignant, teasing and contemplative. She addresses themes of repression (‘Buried’), regret (‘I Should’ve Worried’) and surrender (‘Art of Dying’) with a bruise-tender touch. Elements of folk, country, soul and industrial rock give the tracks luster and richness. Most of all, Ché’s vocals – caressing one moment, pain-wracked the next – bring the words and music to vivid life.

“Writing Between The Walls And The Window was a way for me to soothe myself in a very tumultuous and frightening year for the planet,” says Ché. “It was my early morning mediation and my self-care ritual before heading out into a pretty chaotic time. All of these songs in some way or another, helped me to blow off some steam and voice my insecurities without completely scaring off the people I love the most with long-winded belligerent rants everyday. It gave me some peace and some joy and I hope it gives you some too!”

Ché will be celebrating the release of her new album with a Vancouver release show on Thursday, December 14th at The Fox Cabaret.

Connect with Ché Aimee Dorval:
Twitter: @CheAimee
Instagram: @CheAimeeDorval


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