No Boosts, No Vapors, Just Clouds: On CloudFlow

I’m addicted to the “runner’s high”. If you’ve been keeping up with me on socials @SeanChin, you’d be used to seeing all of my posts about half-marathon training and Strava speedwork. 

Initially, I joined a local running group, and really embraced that type of program and supportive community. It was an awesome experience leading up to the Scotiabank half-marathon in Toronto. But I’m the type of person who constantly researches and seeks any kind of advantage and life-hacking tricks I can. 

I trained for that race with typical stability running shoes and that worked fine. But I throughout the months I got the notorious black toe nails. Six of them to be exact. Now all of this, probably could have been solved with getting shoes that were half or a full size larger, but there was always something I felt was “missing”. 

So for this Christmas season , I decided to indulge and explore a better shoe. After many hours talking with friends, listening to podcasts, and lurking reddit, enter On.

On is a dedicated running shoe company based out of Switzerland. It is a new brand made for runners by world class athlete Olivier Bernhard along with his good friends Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann.

Athletes are raving about On. One of my favourite podcasters Rich Roll used On shoes while training for the wild swim run race known as ÖTILLÖ in Stockholm. And most recently Ironman world champion Javier Gomez has just embraced the On experience. replica watches blancpain

What makes On so special? They developed “Cloud Tec” which are strong small pockets located under the sole of the shoe. They claim that runners will land soft, but push hard. With all this said, I took a look to see what all the hype was about. Admittedly, at first glance, it looked gimmicky. But words and extremely high ratings online must have some truth to them. 

The On website has a really neat “shoe finder” that will ask you a simple questionnaire on what your activities and goals are, and will set you up with the right pair. I got matched with the CloudFlow.

I bit the bullet and got my hands on the On CloudFlow in the orange & glacier colorway. This is the shoe that Javier Gomez trains and recovers in for big races. It’s a lightweight neutral shoe weighing 7.8oz with a 6mm drop, that is very responsive. They have 18 Clouds along with On’s unique Zero-Gravity EVA foam. 

Being Swiss made and engineered, you know premium materials and careful attention to details are made in the construction of their shoes. The upper of the CloudFlow is made from an adaptive mesh weave and allows breathability, support, and has an anti-microbial treatment.replica watches england 

The sole is built is a patented Speedboard that promotes a natural rolling process that allows runners to launch off the road after every rolex replica uk 

After training with the CloudFlows for a couple weeks, I can definitely say I had an amazing running experience that I haven’t felt before. The Cloud technology truly works and makes a difference. 

I can’t wait for Spring/Summer race season to come around when I can use it for big races!

If you love running as much as I do, be sure to treat yourself this Christmas to a pair of On running shoes.

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Chief Editor & Founder of Live in Limbo. Host & Producer of the Capsule Podcast. Sean is an award-winning photographer and Nikon Professional Services member. His work has appeared on the CBC, Pitchfork, and MUCH. He is an Academy Delegate at the JUNOs (CARAS) and has been involved in the Toronto music scene since 2005. He is also an endurance and CrossFit athlete. You should follow him on Twitter @SeanChin.