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The Pick Brothers Band, Lost Cousins & Midnight Vesta at The Mod Club

The holidays are over, and 2018 has begun.

Christmas trees line the sidewalks waiting to be picked up by garbage collectors. People sit down at their notebooks and scrawl down new years resolutions and begin their new life. The ugly Christmas sweaters get shoved into a drawer for next year. But there is one song that should keep rolling around in your head. No, not a Christmas song, not Auld Lang Syne; “Heart Won’t Change” by The Pick Brothers Band. These guys performed at The Mod Club on Dec 22nd and their music was fire.

Right before the holidays, I attended a show at The Mod Club featuring The Pick Brothers Band, Lost Cousins and my personal favourites- Midnight Vesta*.

Starting off the night was Midnight Vesta- warming up the steady stream of audience entering the venue in hordes from the cold. With songs from their recently released album “Seconds” and a series of new songs honed over weeks on the road; Midnight Vesta is easy to fall in love with. Tight musicianship, solid songs and immensely fun to watch – these boys have a high quality show that offer something new and unique with each performance. Definitely a highlight of the evening.



Headlining the night was The Pick Brothers Band, with their first hometown show following the release of their single “Heart Won’t Change.” (Shout out to James Isaac Atin-Godden who I’d previously seen performing as part of alternative rock bands Copycat & Ruby Cikada, and was super happy to be able to see perform again as part of The Pick Brothers Band.)

Let me start off by saying, these guys know how to fill a room, and get people partying! Each song performed by the seven person outfit felt anthemic and fun. Ending the evening on a high note, The Pick Brothers Band hit the stage with a vibrant horn section, crisp musicianship and bold musicality that offered something undeniably fresh in the Toronto music scene. I was happy to finally be able to see these guys play live on a bill full of incredibly talented musicians with big hearts. This was a show that didn’t disappoint, and I highly recommend giving these guys a listen. Can’t wait to see what is in store for them in 2018. Check out their new single “Heart Won’t Change” here:


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