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Video Premiere : “Pulsing Colours” by Ryan Hicks

From the artist : “This album came to me with just as strong visuals and moods as it did melodies and lyrics,” says Ryan Hicks. “I was really inspired by David Lynch’s work, specifically Twin Peaks, and wanted to channel some of that world’s wonder, mysticism, humour, darkness and craziness. When I wrote the song, I imagined the song being sung from the perspective of a moon far away from other planets. Cold, silent, still and alone. This is a metaphor for how some people live their lives. It might not sound like it, but really it is a love song about someone coming into your life and making sense of all things. While you might not have all of the answers, you find the world is good and right when you are with them. This goes beyond romantic love, as there are people in my life who I feel bring clarity to the world when I am with them.”

Regina-based singer/songwriter Ryan Hicks is releasing his 2nd full-length album on February 9th and Live in Limbo has the Exclusive Video Premiere for the first single and title track, ‘Pulsing Colours’.

Ryan Hicks makes melodic, cinematic alt-pop music – think if Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and the Fleet Foxes made music for a David Lynch film. Since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Prairie Ocean, in 2014, Ryan has been hard at work on his sophomore release Pulsing Colours. The album, set to be released on February 9th, is a concept record of all of the thoughts, moods and emotions that can come to us at night.

Pulsing Colours was inspired and written in tribute to Ryan’s stepmother, who took her own life in December 2014. Her loss made Ryan dig inward and look for meaning and his place in the world. While the album deals with loss, it also gives a message of community, survival, love and hope. Pulsing Colours is a record about all of us finding our way in the universe. The video for the captivating first single ‘Pulsing Colours’, directed by Ryan Hicks and Don List of Birdsong Films, sets the tone for the journey that Ryan Hicks intends to take the listener on with his new record.

Ryan Hicks will be celebrating the release of his new album with a few select Western Canadian tour dates and a hometown release show on February 9th at The Exchange. For the most up to date tour info, please visit

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