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Street Pharmacy at the Horseshoe Tavern

Street Pharmacy is a Reggae-Rock-Hip-Hop band that has been in the scene for years, you may even recognize them from former MUCH show, “Dis-band.” Taking the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern this past Thursday for the “Welland Migration” tour was quite the occasion, as the band hasn’t officially toured in seven years.

Opening up for them on the tour is other Welland band, Revive the Rose. They played a very interactive and up-beat set that everyone had a good time dancing too. They are all about rockin’ and rollin, and singer Andrew Colonico ensures that everyone has a great time with his lively energy, and powerful vocals.

Around 10:40pm, Street Pharmacy took the stage opening with “Sober State of Fame”, smoothly transitioning into an authentic Sublime cover, “Smoke Two Joints.”

The band also played their latest single, “Roaming Souls”, which is now available on their spotify .

Street Pharmacy has a set unique from others. It is obvious they take a heavy influence from Sublime, but they don’t hide that and strategically place covers throughout their set adding variety, and creating a nice flow. For people who don’t know Street Pharmacy, their precise and systematic covers are a way to bring people in. The band did an unpredictable cover of “Bohemian Rapsody”, while Guay even played the guitar with his tongue. Of course their covers are not the most admirable part of their set, the accuracy and desireable twists they take with them add another dimension of fun and creativity to their show.

As the band is from small town Welland,Ontario there are many songs in relation to this, and it plays a large part in who the band is, with encore track “In This Town” touching closest to this topic. This was a topic often brought up throughout the set, and it was intriguing that although Welland is a town that not many are familiar with, Guay consistently reminds the crowd of what the town is to them, and how relevant it is to their up-bringing and lyricism.

It was intriguing to see Street Pharmacy back on the road and able to provide such a laid-back but amusing environment, with the quality of music better than ever. The performance is evidently planned and perfected, making the show such a favourable experience. Keep an eye out for the next time their in your town.

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